#WorldCancerDay – What the hell do I know about “The Cancer Survivors Club”?

Oh Lordie – a bit too much, I’m sorry to say. But that’s where the fear ends.

The Cancer Survivors Club by Chris Geiger
The Cancer Survivors Club by Chris Geiger

Today, I have been listening to Vanessa Feltz’s show on BBC London (because I love her) and a most genial man, by the name of Chris Geiger, has been talking about a book which is out today. It’s called “The Cancer Survivors Club: A Collection of inspirational and uplifting stories” and a summary can be found on his website of the same name.

It was so good to hear someone (else) feeling positive about surviving cancer and I’ve tweeted the man to let him know – especially (or more likely because it is) on #WorldCancerDay. The scary statistic of “50% of us in the UK will be diagnosed with Cancer” was released by Cancer Research UK today – and whilst there is safety in numbers most of the time, this is definitely not one of those times! Reassuringly, the survival rates are lot better these days too – so it is those stats I’ll be keeping in the front of my mind today.

I will read & review “The Cancer Survivors Club” in the not too distant future (two copies on the way from Amazon – one for you Mum!). For those of my subscribers who tune in for a laugh – you’ll know I’m a purveyor of fine gallows humour – so I’m sure among the angst & poignancy of cancer survivor stories, there will be a smile or two, too.

Lastly, I am reminded of the late, great  Yul Brynner and another famous health campaign of the past “Whatever you do … Don’t Smoke” so I’m going to send that thought out to all my friends and family who are still smoking, on World Cancer Day! (that’s you, and you, and you, and you, and …. YOU)

It is probably a more than a little bit wrong to say “Happy” World Cancer Day – but I am having a happy day regardless. Hope you are too.