Mother Nurture: Whatsa matter you … D&G?

If anything, this latest BOO HOO of some super-duper celebrities highlights just how damaging the speed of the internet can be.

There is a very interesting book out on that very subject: “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” by Jon Ronson. More of that later ….

vogue italiaIf the contentious ideals of la famiglia normale espoused by D&G had been written up in a 1970s Vogue article – then the comments would have been read by Sirelton and David on the patio with breakfast and tut-tutted in private, the Vogue possibly ending up in the bin and retrieved, and binned and retrieved and binned and ….(projecting my own approach there). So what’s all the fuss about?

dehumanisationActually, D&G have managed to insult every child conceived by IVF by labelling them “synthetic” – a more dehumanising term I cannot think of. Dehumanisation is a slippery slope, as we all know #Harmondsworth #Woomera .

Here’s a secret admission: I used to think IVF was tampering with Mother Nature too. Yes, I did know it was a lot of people’s only hope to conceive but still, I thought, can’t those people just adopt a child in need?

I guess, I didn’t know anything about a) parenting (I mean, what’s so great about having kids?) or b) how bloody difficult it is to actually get the chance to even adopt a child. I did have the good sense to keep those opinions to myself – and not rush to the nearest loud haler (a device used to blow your own horn before email! I’m a survivor of ye olde days).

Not so, one of my lecturers at university. She stated right out of the blue in the middle of a tutorial:

“I think IVF is immoral.”

I was stunned,  as she was the original Earth Mother figure. I never did get to the bottom of this outburst but I think it had something to do with gender-selection when promoting a viable embryo. If so, there is a point to be made there too. But then, I’m pro-choice when it comes to abortion – so I think those two arguments cancel each other out?


Now that I have children, I get it. Smarter people than me got it before having children – or at least those with an urge to nurture. David & Sirelton obvie have a very strong urge to nurture and so went down the IVF route (twice) like so many others before them. Why not them?

elton david familyAccording to D&G, it’s because science is involved in the creation of life and because mother nature made David & Sirelton gay – so they’re not actually supposed to have a family because they won’t be able to be proper parents (and if they do, then it’s not a “real” family anyway). Che cretinata!!

Having utilised science to save my own life (chemo / radiotherapy etc) – it would then be a gross hypocrisy for me to deny science to others to bring life about. I mean, Cancer is nature’s way to thin out the population (some would argue) why fight it? Hmmm …..

popeMamma Mia! Aren’t D&G just a product of their own environment?: heavily catholic* older generation Italy, with a traditional view on family.   *Not all catholics agree with D&G and I’m not slating that religion (Mum, I’m looking at you), but I’m fairly sure the Pope agrees with D&G on this one matter, so there’s that.

In their rather ‘more of the same / shame’ follow up comment – supposedly to counter the slapped gauntlet of Sirelton on the call to ban D&G goods (not on my shopping list to begin with Sirelton but I feel your passion on the subject), D&G helpfully clarified further:

You don’t go to to the greengrocer for his views on IVF. You go because his produce is the freshest” Dolce and/or Gabbana

or words to that effect. My italian is rusty.

rusty italian

Gather ’round D&G, let’s settle down with one of Ye Olde Vortex’s tales from the Maelstrom: Once upon a time in suburban Surrey, England, I overhead the little cafe owner comment that the lady sitting outside his coffee-joint must have been “a jew” as she was rolling her own cigarettes. Needless to say, and in spite of the fact that he was the only person to serve molto bene Illy coffee in a 10 mile radius, I gave his cafe a wide berth in eterno – and I let friends know about it too.  So Dolce (or Gabbana) I do go to my greengrocer for her views on IVF. I think most of us do?

Si or no?