Mad Dash to the Desert Proves Fruitful: 54 Rides Again.


Truuuude, our work-experience Culture Vulture, has just rushed this item over to my desk (Those heels are killing you!)

Read that54 Bombed in 1998. Now It’s Been Resurrected as a Cult Gay Classic. by Louis Jordan (

& 54 Director’s cut a Lost Gay Classic? by Andy Towle (

Now read this!

I bloody-well knew something was missing from “54” – turns out, the best 40 minutes of the film were discarded on Harvey Weinstein + Co’s say-so; bowing to someone’s idea of the cultural norms in 1998. Thank f*ck times have changed and that mad dash to the desert proved fruitful!

“54” was released around the zenith of my Sydney clubbing years. God knows how but I managed to find time one weekend to go-see with two local identities: Let’s just call them “Bella” and “The Badge.” Obvie, we had other urgent matters to discuss, so the date wasn’t a total waste of time but when the lights went up, we all felt as though we’d been ‘missold’ some type of insurance.

“I thought I was gonna feel like I’d had a big night out” The Badge sighed wistfully.

“Yeah, me too” pouted Bella, giving the credits an absent-minded boogie.

“We could just go out?” Vortex ventured.

….and it’s highly likely we did.

Sure, the soundtrack worked out in every muscle mary’s car up and down the golden mile – but the movie? Meh, not so much.


I’ll be giving Bella and The Badge a nudge to ferret out their disco slippers in anticipation. The film had better deliver this time; all the good clubs have shut down and I haven’t the courage for the three-day hangover.