n, pl -texes or -tices (-tɪˌsiːz)
any activity, situation, or way of life regarded as irresistibly engulfing


verb, not an actual word. Deviation from Blog, which is short for Web Log (a bit like Lord’s Truth = Struth)


That’s me! No longer 32, 46 actually and a mother of two in Surrey, UK. Yes – I have survived Cancer (well, so far so good!)

am from the previous century, I do not approve  of social media, but what are you gonna do? Be like my mum and resist using an ATM for the first 15 years they came out? Only going into the bank to take out money? With a passbook?

So, I’m getting some words down on paper before I cark it. If you like the cut of my jib, we can talk turkey about my putting words down on your paper too. Contact me at: vortexofbloggery@gmail.com


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