Book Review: “The Cancer Survivors Club” Chris Geiger

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Reading “The Cancer Survivors Club: A collection of inspirational and uplifting survival stories” by Chris Geiger, is like finding someone’s diary – opening it to the most devastating day of that person’s life – and reading on and on because you can’t stop.  Only, this is a collection of stories from twenty-three people, who have had cancer dumped in their laps, right out of the blue. One of your greatest fears, right?

However scary this all seems, the title of the book gives its premise away: you see, these are the stories of cancer Survivors. These brave souls have weathered their various storms and have come out the other side on a wave of positive energy. The Cancer Survivors Club has offered up its stories for the greater good. What’s so great about that?

Well, when it comes to the “Big Bad C” there is a…

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